Capital has extensive experience in wetland related issues including:
• Agency Negotiations
• Wetland Delineation
• Wetland Mitigation Planning and Design
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Wetland Flora and Fauna Inventories

Through years of experience, Capital’s experts have developed an in-depth knowledge of state and federal jurisdictional issues, regulations, and permitting practices. This experience, combined with a long history of successful permit negotiation, allows Capital to specialize in difficult or problem situations.

Agency Negotiations: The complexity of today’s permitting processes often necessitates interaction among multiple parties. Capital specializes in strategy and settlement negotiations associated with environmental permitting violations or the difficult-to-obtain wetland permits. We are highly experienced in negotiation with Federal and State agencies. Capital works extensively with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and New York City Department of City Planning (NYCDCP) on a variety of projects.

Delineation: The accurate delineation of Federal and State wetlands is a critical element to evaluating regulatory issues and potential impacts associated with real estate development or the expansion of existing facilities. While the use of standardized methodologies is required, substantial field experience and training are necessary for implementation, particularly in areas where ambiguous indicators exist and critical land use is at stake. We perform wetland delineations following the ACOE and State methodologies. Capital’s delineations facilitate the wetland permitting process on diverse and complex projects.

Mitigation: The development or assessment of mitigation plans designed to compensate for disturbance of State and Federally protected wetlands is often required. We regularly develop, critique, provide comments, and assist in the implementation of comprehensive mitigation plans. Capital's staff has designed successful artificial wetlands throughout the five boroughs of New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Environmental Impact Assessments: Environmental impact assessments are required by many local and state regulations, including SEQRA and CEQR, prior to issuance of a wide variety of permits related to property development. We develop environmental impact assessments/statements that can include wetland and ecological assessments, wildlife inventories, threatened and endangered species searches, and mitigation plans to reduce project impacts. We also review and critique assessments prepared by others to determine technical and regulatory accuracy as well as prepare comments and testify in support of our evaluations.

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